Discover the magic of the Mayan Jungle by intensely connecting with the earth during a transformational experience

Following a tradition dating back centuries, our guide and yerbero will lead you through a transformational psychedelic trip into the waterfalls and the ancient Mayan ceremonial center of Palenque. Our expertise in creating the ideal set and setting help maximize the perception of effects by means of increased absorption, directed attention, and psychological expectation. This day and a half experience begins after ingestion of a fresh and naturally growing plant which induces excitation and a hallucinogenic state of wonder, along with a fascination of one’s internal and external perception. This expedition will offer you a unique occasion to discover the wildlife of the tropical jungle and the valuable power of the magic psilocybin mexicana.



This experience is fully supervised and secure. At your arrival in Palenque, a member of our team will be welcome you at the airport and be available for any logistic inquiries. During the experience, you will be accompanied by your private Yerbero.

Our mission is to offer you the best conditions and make you feel comfortable to be able to enjoy the best of this unique and unforgettable transformational experience.

This program can be custom tailored on your taste and expectations.

8.30 AM


Departure from Playa del Carmen in a private plane.

Flying over Tulum ruins, the Sian Ka’an Reserve, Laguna Bacalar and Calakmul Temple following the Belize and Guatemala border.

There is one hour time difference between Playa del Carmen and the Jungle, flight duration is 2 hours.

9.30 AM

Landing in the Chiapas Jungle

Introduction of the Mayan Jungle Tour by your exclusive guide.

Refreshments and check-in at the Boutique Hotel before to start the tour.

9.45 AM

Boutique Hotel

You will be host in very nice Boutique Hotel in the Jungle.

Each room have is own terrace with open air bath.

10.30 AM

Introduction to the Psilocybe Mexicana

Your guide will introduce you the magic Mushrooms before to start the tour.

Each participant will receive a portion depending on his health condition, weight, gender and dietary habits in order to keep everyone safe during the tour. We recommend a light breakfast before the tour.

11.00 AM

Walk in the Jungle

Your guide will bring you into the jungle, going up the river through waterfalls and mayans ruins. He will provide you explanations about the nature in order to stay safe.

We recommend walking barefoot, it is the best way to feel the nature. Otherwise please plan water shoes.

11.30 AM


Your guide will assist you in your psychedelic experience during all your trip in order to allow you to deeply and powerfully discover, feel and hear the nature and the Jungle around you.

Your guide will offer you a clay exfoliation to repellent Mosquitos.

3.00 PM

Relaxation and Wellness

At the end of the tour, when you will start to come down, your guide will bring you back to your hotel where you will receive a massage.

You will have 3 hours of free time to come down from the experience at the hotel.


Mayan Ruins

Optional you will be able to visit the Mayan Ruins of Palenque with your guide, very close to the hotel. The site is one of the most impressive Mayan one in Mexico.

6.00 PM

Jungle Fusion Dinner

You will finish your Jungle Tour Experience with a special fusion dinner prepared only with products of the Jungle and the surrounding mountains.

We can arrange any other kind of food on request.

DAY 2 – 8.00 AM

Going back to Playa

You will check out the hotel at 8.00 AM after a wealthy Breakfast.

You will flight over the Yucatan with a exceptional sight view on the very famous ruins of Chichen Itza.

Regarding the one hour time difference, landing in Playa del Carmen is planned around 11.30 AM

Packages & Prices

5 Guests

 USD 9.450
USD 1.890 / Guest

7 Guests

 USD 12.500
USD 1.786 / Guest

13 Guests

USD 18.000
USD 1.385 / Guest


Private transportation from Tulum to Playa del Carmen airport

Private flight transportation from Playa del Carmen

Private transportation to the Jungle

Your own On-site dedicated Personal Assistant

One night accommodation in a Boutique Hotel ( 2 guests per room)

Private Guide ( 2 Guides for the 13 Guests group )

The Mayan Jungle Experience

Access fee for the Jungle Natural Reserve

2 Cocktails at the Hotel

Private Guided Tour of the Palenque Ruins

One hour massage per guest

Jungle Fusion Dinner


Snacks and soft drinks